Solutions for Businesses

We believe that success is met by those who strive for excellence - and choosing the right coffee is no exception.  Businesses that embrace carrying a higher quality, specialized coffee over generic coffee brands demonstrate to their customers that they uphold a standard of excellence and distinction - placing class and value above all else. 

At Raya Roasters, we believe in roasting our coffee with care, attention to detail, while always focusing on ethical and sustainable practices for the purpose of developing a flavourful, aromatic  coffee experience.  We believe in standing out by remaining focused on our mission and never compromising on quality.

Whether you are starting up or have an established business - if you share our vision of coffee excellence and passion for specialty coffee, we are confident that we will be able to meet your coffee needs.


May We Be Of Some Assistance?
Suggested Wholesale Accounts

Cafes & Coffee Shops

that value their customer and wishes to serve them a superb cup of coffee.


that understand the importance of lasting impressions by offering their customer the perfect coffee to finish their dining experience.

Business & Offices

that values both their employee and customer by offering a welcoming and satisfying coffee experience during a much needed coffee break, an afternoon meeting, or closing a deal.

Bakery & Gourmet Artisan Delicatessen

that aims to carry and sell higher quality products with a full knowledge that specialty coffee is a perfect compliment to almost every meal.

Your business

if you are a lover of great coffee, we are here to support your needs!

What We Offer To Your Business

  • Guidance and assistance with the coffee product, presentation, sales, and any questions you may have in general
  • The ability to adapt to each type of business and be available to provide you the perfect roast and grind to meet your coffee needs
  • A differentiated product that will make your business stand out amongst the rest
  • If you wish, we can include your business on our website with a map, link with full contact information as show of gratitude for your faith and support in our product.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your coffee needs and/or to schedule a consultation.