Raya Roasters

Who we are

Raya Roasters


A family on a pilgrimage to discover the essence of “coffee culture” and the perfect roast. Ignited by a desire to find a cup of coffee that goes above and beyond the average, we decided to begin our journey into the world of Specialty Coffee roasting.


Along the way we have met exceptional people who have revealed to us a vast community and network of passionate roasters and their brilliant techniques.

Realm of Roasting

After bearing witness to so many traditions and innovative ideas in the realm of roasting, we now believe that we have the answer to what the true essential coffee experience is: Whatever YOU want.

Raya Roasters

“We wholeheartedly believe that the one who determines whether or not a coffee is perfect is YOU. Whether you prefer a light acidic or dark bitter roast (or a golden mean), Raya Roasters will be there and ready to provide you with your personal perfection.”

Raya Roasters • Doing Coffee, Your Way. Raya Roasters




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